Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New at this blog thing!

I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time and have never found the time.  Well, I have decided that I will never have the time so I am just going to have to make time.  Right now I have officially performed a miracle by getting both of my boys to sleep at the same time.  So, now is as good a time as any to get started.

1.  Bryan's Birthday

Bryan was able to take a day off from work for his birthday and we decided to visit the zoo. We had so much fun especially since it was a Monday and there was hardly anyone there.  Cayden absolutely loved it! He was much more excited about the choo choo train that he kept hearing instead of the animals. I have to thank Thomas the train for that....which is currently Cayden's latest obsession! Mommy is not a fan but all that matters is that my little man loves it.
2. Hospital Visit

We ended up being sent to Scottish Rite last week with my baby boy Emresen after having a very crazy visit to the pediatrician. We had had a really rough weekend that included a lot of screaming and vomiting so they wanted to make sure he was okay. So, I head over to the hospital, toddler and screaming infant in tow and feeling extremely nervous. Of course when we get there we are greeted with an overwhelming amount of paperwork. As I am filling out everything and trying to keep a baby boy, who hasn't eaten in 6 hours, content with a paci, I turn around to see Cayden licking the window in the radiology waiting room.  I am mortified and looking around knowing that everyone in the room is probably thinking that I should stop having children especially if I can't keep them under control! I proceed to wedge Cayden between my legs as he he is screaming "Stuck....mommy stuck." I finally finished filling everything out...thank goodness. We ended up having an upper GI scan and and ultrasound to check for Pyloric something (not exactly sure). Well, come to find out we have another baby with really bad reflux.  The GI scan showed that his digestive system doesn't work as fast as a normal baby his age....which just tells us why he has reflux.  All we can do is wait it out.  I do have to say...I am so so thankful that he is a good sleeper, unlike his big brother Cayden! We just have to wait it out and hang on to the good days :)

3.  Emresen's Dedication
Emresen was dedicated on Sunday at our church.  I was hoping it would be a good reflux day so that we wouldn't have a screaming baby on our hands. Our prayers were answered!  He had a great night...he was such a trooper :)  They had a beautiful reception and service.  Of course my little man Cayden talked through the whole thing.  He wanted everyone to know what color the streamers were on the table and also that he had a poo poo and needed a new diaper.  I tried to give him a paci (which he is no longer allowed to have, but I was willing to make an exception) But of course, he just proceeded to talk around it.  When it was time to go up in front of the church (Cayden in daddy's arms and Emresen in Mommy's arms) Cayden kept telling Bryan to hold "it"...referring to his brother....He wanted daddy to hold his brother so that mommy could hold him.  We decided to ignore and keep moving forward and he starts yelling "drums" "touch it" getting more and more excited as we get closer to the front of the church. Bryan tries to explain to him that he can't touch the drums and Cayden starts to break down. Needless to say we end up trading babies and I am able to calm Cayden down before we make too much of a scene.   .....And we were worried about Emresen being cranky!

4. Cayden is turning 2

Cayden is turning 2 on Sunday.  This has been such a fast year.  I feel like we were just celebrating his first birthday and now he is almost two and a big brother too.  Which, I do have to say that he is such a wonderful brother!  He loves his baby "brudder"  so much.   He is constantly wanting to give him hugs and kisses.  

We are having a little family birthday party on Saturday...Elmo theme of course! I will definitely update on how everything goes.  

...tata for now!


Kelly Allen said...

I LOVE THIS!!! :) thanks for all the updates... I hope Emresen's reflux is better soon.

Britni Desiree Meadows said...

Thanks Kelly! I had fun writing it. I am going to try hard to keep it up :) Hope you guys are doing well! Love your beautiful house!!

Renee said...

Hey Britni! Saw your blog on facebook! It is so much fun to blog about your kiddos...I hope you enjoy!!

The Dillards said...

This is a great way to keep up with each other. So glad you are in on it now!

Carrie Beth said...

I love that you now have a blog!!! I'm obsessed with reading other people's and writting on my own. I'll love reading yours since our lives are so similar at the moment. I just have to say that reading about your hospital experience and Cayden licking the window made me crack up. I'm sure you'll look back and laugh. :-)