Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Busy End to the Summer

1. Visiting Thomas

Yes...Cayden went with Mimi and Pop Pop to meet the actual Thomas the Train! Could have been the best experience of his life to date I am sure considering how in love he is with Thomas....haha! He got to take a ride on Thomas, meet Sir Topham Hatt, and even spend half the afternoon playing with train tables....all in all a wonderful day for a 2 year old little boy!

Speaking of train tables......Cayden and I probably both had the biggest meltdowns yesterday afternoon. Definitely his biggest to date. Back to the train table (which is in his playroom) ....Cay loves playing with it but he has started getting into the habit of taking off some of the tracks that are not glued down and bringing them into the living room to be with me and Emresen (knowing he is not supposed to). I understand that he doesn't want to be in his playroom by himself but Emre and I can't sit in there all day with him. So, I decide to try and come up with a solution. I went to Walmart and bought him this small Thomas train and track for him to keep in the living room. He loved it! Well, he asks if he can go play with the new train set in his playroom and I said of course...thinking that maybe he was being a little more independent ;) So, he picks up all his pieces to the track and takes them in his room. A little while later I decide to go check on him because it was just TOO quiet. Well, I walk in and this is what I see... He has pulled half of the tracks off the table and the new tracks were on it. Normally that wouldn't be too big of a deal but most of the pieces were glued down with Liquid Nails. Now how he was strong enough to pull it off I am not sure but he did it. There were wood shavings everywhere. Part of the table itself was pulled up and some of the track pieces were broken in half. I was so upset and he was so proud of himself. To make this long story a little shorter, I ended up taking away all of his trains for half of the day (That is what led to the biggest meltdown I have ever seen). Today he continued to say, "Leave tracks...Cayden, No Sir!" Shaking his little finger :)

2. Kidney Reflux

Well, Emresen has had a very eventful month. He is still doing really well and has turned into a pretty sweet little monkey. About a month ago I was having trouble getting him to eat, which I assumed was because of the acid reflux. After about three days of him eating barely anything, I took him to see the pediatrician. She decided to check his urine because she said that that can cause eating issues if there is any infection. Well, she was right. He had a UTI, which is very uncommon for baby boys. She then informs me that she wants to send us to the hospital to do further testing since it is so uncommon. She wanted to test him for something called Kidney Reflux. Pretty much when a child urinates some of it will flow back up into the kidneys if they have kidney reflux. This can lead to Kidney Failure if untreated. Well, we went to have him tested, which was an extremely unpleasant experience (poor baby) and he does have it. It is separated into grades 1-5, with 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. He has a 3 in his left kidney and a 2 in his right. They say that many children grow out of the lower grades by age 5 but not usually the higher ones. (1- 80% chance and 5- pretty rare to grow out of.) He is right in the middle. We went to see the a pediatric urologist and he said that it was very good that we caught it (Thank you, Lord!!) but that it is not in his favor that he will grow out of it just because it is in both kidneys. But, there is definitely still a chance. So, for now what the plan is is to keep him on an antibiotic (to keep away kidney infections) everyday for the first year of his life and then repeat the testing. If it has not shown any improvement, he wants to talk about doing surgery to have it fixed. I definitely don't like the idea of having my baby on an antibiotic for that long but you do what you gotta do. And yes....he takes medicine 4 times a day between the antibiotic and his acid reflux medicine. Poor little man!!

3. Emresen is 5 Months

Emresen turned 5 months yesterday!!! WOW! It has gone by so so fast. He is getting so big...and he looks really tall to me. He started rolling over at around 4 months and has been rolling all over the place ever since. He is sitting supported really well now. Today he started getting up on his forearms and knees. He can push up on his hands but not with his knees under him quite yet. And, he can do the inch worm all around the living room. I was so worried at first because Cayden was so fast with all of his milestones. I went and looked at Cayden's baby book and he was sitting by himself unsupported at 4 months, crawling at 5 1/2, and walking at 9 1/2. I researched a little and Emresen seems to be a little more average. It does make since though...Cay never slept so he had lots of practice time!!

Emresen at 4 months

Cayden at 4 months

Emresen at 5 months

Cayden at 5 months

4. Cayden

Wonderful little toddler as usual!!! He has turned into such a big boy. Knows a ton of colors and a lot of his shapes. We are working on the ABCs, not quite there yet!! He likes to repeat sections over and over like a broken record. Potty training has officially come to a halt. He has decided that he is quite scared of the potty. He knows when he is going he just would much rather do it in his diaper. My pediatrician told me not to push it or it would just take longer...especially if it scares him. I guess he is just not ready...which I hear it is pretty common for little boys to not train until 2 1/2 to 3. He won't be 2 1/2 until the end of November so I guess I will start really worrying then..haha! Hopefully I won't be sending him to Kindergarten in a diaper:) And while we are on the topic of school, Cayden went to his first school dance. Grammy and Pa took him to a sock hop at Grammy's school. I hear he was quite the dancer. I have a few pictures from their phone but I am not sure how to upload them on here.
Cay is attending his first wedding on Sunday. Bryan's cousin Adam is getting married. We are so excited to have Kelly a part of the her!!! We did find a babysitter for the rehearsal dinner but were having some issues finding someone to keep both babies for the wedding especially with it being a holiday weekend. We are very thankful that Adam and Kelly were so sweet to let us bring Cay with us.

We took Cayden up to visit Mimi and Pop Pop at the lake. Emresen stayed home with Grammy and Pa. Cay had so so much fun on the boat!!

Mimi and Pop Pop went to Alaska and brought home Cay his own Engineer outfit!

5. Mabry Ann Wright

I have a beautiful new Goddaughter!! She was born October 24th at 6:50pm. She was 8lbs 3oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Absolutely gorgeous! I am so in love:) Cayden and Emresen came to visit in the hospital. Cay and Lainey had a great time playing while we were admiring Bree. Cayden absolutely loves his Lainey!!!

My wonderful sister-in-law, Lindsay took some beautiful pictures for Emresen's 3 month photos.